Why We Live On a Boat

Often people who live on land make the assumption people live on a boat because it is cheap. While it is true that living on a boat may reduce your weekly expenditure i.e. no rent / mortgage, or electricity bills, for us that is a side point. Radha and I live on a boat for the simplicity. Within this simplicity we feel more connected with God and mother nature.

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Bloody Hackers

Unfortunately we have lost some of our posts due to hackers.  Unfortunately I wrote these posts directly into WordPress and do not have another copy 🙁 So rather than try and stretch my brain back that far into wishy washy land our 2015 cruise posts will remain incomplete.



Border, Haslewood and Whitehaven

Having not been out yet to Border Island this was next on our list (along with Whitehaven beach and a rubbish clean up at Haslewood). We set off in the morning to go and discover this island passing up through Hook Passage to get to Border, which is an interesting part of water in terms of tidal flow and eddies. It took us most of the day to get out there and when we arrived all the moorings were full but there was still sufficient room to anchor outside of the protected zone and we found a spot not too deep at 12 metres.

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Double Cone and Grassy Island

The weather forecast was showing a decent northerly coming and Airlie Beach is not the place for that. No protection and decent wave action equals you or other boats dragging. That ain’t fun. So where to? Well we hadn’t yet been north of Airlie so north it was. It was a cruise ship day at Airlie so the big white monstrosity was anchored off Pioneer point. We began tacking back and forth for awhile in light winds then succumbed to the motor (are we becoming motorsailors??????).

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Out to the Reef

A little over a week after being in Airlie and a good 5 day weather window opened up to get out to the reef. Yeah! It was monday morning and off we sailed at around 9am to spend the night at Butterfly Bay (north Hook Island). This would  allow for an easy 17nm trip the next day out to Bait reef, the closest in the group. Our passage was a mix of sailing, motorsailing and motoring, with the wind (well breeze) ending up on our nose. It was a pleasant day none the less and as usual it felt good to be heading back out to nature. Swearing we would never spend the night on one of those loud clunking public moorings again we decided upon a compromise as a trial (seeming moorings are sooooo much easier in these deep water parts and pulling up 30 metres of chain with no electric anchor winch). As long as the tide and wind would not be against each other we would try. I also created a mooring fender by tying my yoga mat around the beast (I told hubby I would  use it my mat on this trip!!).

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