Around Hook Island

It was still quite windy when we left Windy Bay and weren’t quite sure where we were actually heading to, so we decided to do a scenic sail. We went past Chalkies, then across to Whitehaven, both looked a little uncomfortable. Without stopping we headed North around the lumpy and rough top of Whitsundays Island, seeing if any anchorage there looked nicely protected. In the end we anchored at Marcona Inlet, Hook Island.

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Mackay to Brampton Island

Our friends from Gypsy Pearl untied our lines for us and off we went saying goodbye, bonjours and fair winds. Well it was quite rough once out of the breakwall with wind and tide against each other, the waves were decent and steep. Along the way we at first thought we saw some kind of a tanker run aground but on closer inspection it was a tug boat towing a barge. We also named our autopilot Captain Downwind, finding that he does a better job than us keeping the sails open.

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Curlew Island to Mackay

It has been 3 1/2 weeks since we left Gladstone, provisioned and had been amongst ‘civilisation’. With a 45 nm passage ahead from Curlew Island to Mackay we left at 6:20 am motoring out of the bay with our new friends on Glidepath just a little way ahead. We knew it wouldn’t be long until they would be way ahead but it was nice to cruise in company even if for a little bit. We felt the breeze and up went our sails as we set off on our downwind course.  After some flapping and frustration we got on a tack and goosewinged her sails out. Ahh much better, she was sailing along nicely.

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