Out to the Reef

A little over a week after being in Airlie and a good 5 day weather window opened up to get out to the reef. Yeah! It was monday morning and off we sailed at around 9am to spend the night at Butterfly Bay (north Hook Island). This would  allow for an easy 17nm trip the next day out to Bait reef, the closest in the group. Our passage was a mix of sailing, motorsailing and motoring, with the wind (well breeze) ending up on our nose. It was a pleasant day none the less and as usual it felt good to be heading back out to nature. Swearing we would never spend the night on one of those loud clunking public moorings again we decided upon a compromise as a trial (seeming moorings are sooooo much easier in these deep water parts and pulling up 30 metres of chain with no electric anchor winch). As long as the tide and wind would not be against each other we would try. I also created a mooring fender by tying my yoga mat around the beast (I told hubby I would  use it my mat on this trip!!).

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Henning, Haslewood and Cid

So Radha busted out of Airlie the day I came into Hamilton. He spent the night at Henning Island and being glad to be out of Airlie Beach was wondering why he hadn’t gotten out sooner. To his credit though he was very busy working on his new collection and I was amazed and what he had created since I was away. We aren’t retired and work is part of our life, so we have to remember that sometimes, as far as always being on the go. And yes he spent the night on a mooring (which we said we wouldn’t do) but it didn’t cause him too much grief.

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