Why We Live On a Boat

Often people who live on land make the assumption people live on a boat because it is cheap. While it is true that living on a boat may reduce your weekly expenditure i.e. no rent / mortgage, or electricity bills, for us that is a side point. Radha and I live on a boat for the simplicity. Within this simplicity we feel more connected with God and mother nature.

As we look up into the starry sky at night we are reminded that we are but a drop in this vast ocean. We feel protected and loved under the night sky. We remember that we need not struggle so much to try and be in control for God is there and he loves us more than we know.

We see the beauty around us, every sunset, the blue hues of the ocean, and all the wonderful forms of life that surround us, from dolphins, dugongs and turtles to these weird skeletal shrimp that  live on the algae on our hull. In this we are reminded to tread lightly on this planet, to be careful with how much we take. We are reminded that we are not the owners of this earth, merely caretakers.

And with this simplicity we find a satisfaction, a connection with our true spiritual selves and our inherent loving relationship with God. That is why we live on a boat.


Pam and Radha

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