Author: Pam

What is Yoga?

Yoga is so much more than physical exercises! The word Yoga means union, and specifically refers to the loving union between the soul and the Supreme Soul. So, Yoga is a process that helps a person come to a point of experiencing this loving union. Yoga wisdom explains that I, the self, am eternal and spiritual Read More

Moving to Yeppoon

I am at the train station at Beenleigh, about to head into Brisbane city from where I will be catching the train to Rockhampton on route to our new place of residence, Yeppoon. Moving. New place, new house, new friends. Radha had taken an artist in residency position for a local private business where he Read More

It has been awhile…

After we finished our sail from Brisbane to the Whitsundays (and back) this blog fell by the wayside as we got back into land life, and although we were still living on our boat we didn’t get out sailing much. It is hard to write a sailing blog when you don’t go out sailing  :(. Read More

IVF Cancelled

My IVF cycle was cancelled on Wednesday afternoon. The specialist called me the following Tuesday for a review (he was away in Sydney). He confirmed that my body had not responded to the drugs and that IVF would not be suitable to try again. The remaining option he suggested was to try with donor eggs, Read More

Beating a Dead Horse

Today I am wondering what’s the point in my reattempt to have a child, this time through IVF.  I am waiting in the car, between my pre 9 am blood test and 10:15 scan. This will be my third scan. On my first and second scans only 6 follicles were visible. Let alone the low Read More

Why We Live On a Boat

Often people who live on land make the assumption people live on a boat because it is cheap. While it is true that living on a boat may reduce your weekly expenditure i.e. no rent / mortgage, or electricity bills, for us that is a side point. Radha and I live on a boat for the simplicity. Within this simplicity we feel more connected with God and mother nature. Read More

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