Mooloolaba to Double Island Point

This passage was a mixed bag as we had both tiny puffs and good wind so it ended up about half sailing and half motor sailing.

About 4 other boats were leaving Mooloolaba the same morning. We were the last to leave…and yes of course the last to arrive. We headed out the river around 7 am. It felt pretty good to be underway again heading off into unknown to us territory and we were looking forward to crossing Wide Bay Bar so we could get over those nerves.

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Tangalooma to Mooloolaba

We set our alarm for 4 am to be sailing by 5. Well at 3 am we got the dreaded love tap from a boat who had anchored too close. Luckily there was no damage to either boat. To save him re-anchoring at such a time we decided to just get underway. As we left the safety of Tangalooma and into lumpy waters that we had not yet traversed daylight was eagerly awaited. Sure enough as the tide the sunlight arrived and we were on our way to Mooloolaba.

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Point O’Halloran to Tangalooma

Our first stop on this cruise was trusty Tangalooma. Trusty because you are guaranteed clear water, awesome snorkelling and a more often than not a little bit roly at anchor. Sometimes this roll is just from the tankers that go past but sometimes the roll is from the swell and wind. We got both! We had a couple of days of westerlies which is not the prime wind direction for Tangalooma but then she shone in full brilliance and we forgave her.

Now Tangalooma is definitely one of our favourite spots in Moreton Bay. We anchor between the wrecks and the beach. The current does run strong through there and there are depths of 10 metres. We have anchored both north and south of the wrecks before but those spots are super roly. If you have a look on Google Maps you can see that there is one wreck that juts out a fair way so you do need to pay a little attention that you don’t end up over that one.

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Bon Voyage

After five years in the making Radha and I set off for a five month cruise from Brisbane to Whitsundays and back. On April 14 as the sun was rising we hoisted the sails and threw off the mooring line. What a good feeling that was! The boat was still a mess with groceries everywhere. Our “to do before we go list” was still incomplete but that did not seem to matter anymore. We were on our way.

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